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   Commissioner's Welcome to 2016 MIVA Championships

Updated  --   10:00 AM -- Thursday, March 24, 2016

Welcome to Purdue University and the 2016 MIVA Championships!

This event has been held each year since the late 1950's, providing thousands of Midwest collegiate men with an opportunity to represent their schools and be a part of one of the most competitively successful leagues in America.

The MIVA Championship was a stand alone event for many years, operated by MIVA Commissioners Emeritus, Chuck and Mitchell Stemm.  In 1990, the BTMVA conference was formed by current leadership. Thereafter, Big Ten clubs became more organized and played a full season of home and away league competition.  The BTMVA model evolved into the current play-day format which was emulated when the Midwest 10 Volleyball Conference (M10VC) was formed in 1998, the Great Midwest Men’s Volleyball Conference (GMMVC) in 2003, and MIVA Division 2 in 2000.  MIVA's four conferences offer beginning through advanced players from both large and small schools the opportunity to participate in one of the most unique sports models in all of sport.

This year, MIVA planned and operated over 300 separate competitions.  League matches for 46 collegiate club teams were staged at eleven sites covering a nine state region.  Competition results were professionally assimilated and transmitted to the NCVF so that our MIVA teams could be nationally classified and ranked, and become qualified to compete in the upcoming NCVF National Championships on April 7-9 in Louisville, Kentucky.  All but 3 of our teams will be competing in this year's national event!

In 2016, MIVA clubs collectively raised and administered in excess of $500,000 to support year-long club volleyball activities.  Entrepreneurship, leadership, time management, and other life skills developed through collegiate club volleyball participation have enhanced the lives of thousands of current and former MIVA participants.  Our network of MIVA alumni extends throughout the world -- former MIVA club participants have assimilated successfully into professional careers and are contributing members of our society and culture.  MIVA alumni include an increasingly visible and accomplished number of volleyball coaches, referees and administrators who positively impact the lives of people every single day.

MIVA salutes those who have stepped forward to help us sustain our mission this year – Mark Swaya, Brian Schaefer, Paula Rubenstien, MIVA club presidents, parents, friends, referees and key college administrators who appreciate and promote student leadership through club sports.  MIVA also thanks Purdue, Indiana, Northern Illinois, Grand Valley, Xavier, Davenport, and Bowling Green for hosting MIVA events this year.  On a personal note, and on behalf of MIVA supporters everywhere, special thanks to Dan Kitchel, our Director of Competition, who helps me sustain MIVA's vision by paying attention to the details and working to implement changes that keep pace with our growth.

Our collective effort to create and maintain organized playing opportunities has relied on the exceptional sportsmanship and behavior of our participants.  In recognition of the thousands of hours devoted to club volleyball and our desire to continue expanding self-made opportunities, we challenge all our participants to maintain the highest levels of sportsmanship and to keep a discerning eye out for the safety and well being of our entire club volleyball family.

Congratulations to MIVA’s graduating seniors and good luck to all participants!

Sante Perrelli
MIVA Commissioner