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The Official Ball of MIVA

   2016 MIVA Championships On-line Program

Updated  --   10:20 PM -- Saturday, March 26, 2016


  • Commissioner's Welcome
  • Conference Championship Histories
  •  Facility Information 
  • Saturday Playing Groups
  • Saturday Schedule       The Saturday schedule grid has been posted.  Please pay attention to the work assignments.  
  • Saturday Results       
  • Sunday Brackets      The FINAL Sunday Brackets with teams have been posted.  
  • Sunday Bracket Match Results       Updated Sunday Brackets with results have been posted.  
  • Championship Team Status Table
  • Tournament Format        All play (except for the Div3 3 team pool) is 2/3 match play.  

    Saturday play will consist of:
    Div1 - 18 teams, 3 groups of 6 with teams playing 4 matches.  16 teams Gold 
    bracket & 8 teams losing in 1st round of Gold will play in the Silver bracket on Sunday.  (Notre Dame will not play on Sunday; Kentucky will play in the 1AA Gold bracket.)

  • Div1AA & Div2 -  8 teams, 1 group of 8, 3 matches per team.  Div1AA:  6 team Gold bracket with 5th and 3rd place matches.  Div2:  3 team championship pool on Sunday.  In the event of a 3-way match split among the 3 teams, the teams will be ranked by set percentage and then point ratio to determine the final placing.
    Div3 (B & C teams) -  15 teams, 1 pool of 3 where automatic 3rd set will be played, and 3 pools of 4; one 2 team Gold bracket play-in match will complete play on Saturday.  12 team Gold, 4 team Silver & 5 team Bronze brackets on Sunday.
    Sunday bracket play (Gold, Silver & Bronze) with 9:00 AM start in 4 divisions that correspond to NCVF tournament divisions.
    Work Assignments:  The officiating team will consist of 4 people minimum (5 preferred) -- 2 line judges, a scorer, an assistant scorer/flipper.  If 5 people are used the Libero tracker and flipper jobs are separated.  The full work team MUST be present at all times during the teams officiating assignment.  Once the match begins, the officiating crew shall not use any unauthorized devices, such as I-pods or cell phones, while officiating the match.
    Penalty points will be assessed to a team who is late for their officiating assignment, meaning they don't have the full contingent of 4 team members.  The penalty is one point for every minute all 4 members are not present beginning at the start of the receiving team warm-ups, (4 minutes before match time).  The maximum penalty is 25 minutes, or 25 points, for a one set forfeiture on the team's next match.  A second offense could result in the forfeiture of the team's next match, which will be assessed by championship staff.
    Pool of 3:  The pool of 3 will play all three sets to 25, regardless of whether a team wins the first two sets.  In a 3-team pool, where 3 sets to 25 are played instead of 2 out of 3, the final finish in the pool is determined by match record.  Should one team win the first two sets of the match, that team has won the match, but teams will still play the 3rd set.  Should there be a 3-way tie in the pool with all 3 teams having a 1-1 match record, ALL sets played will be used when determining set percentage along with point ratio used to arrive at final standings.  When playing the 3rd set, there will be a coin flip between sets two and three to determine side, serve and receive, and teams will switch sides at 13.